Building sustainable health infrastructure needs to take into account the long-term needs of local populations and demonstrate donor ROI.


Iqarus works with governments, international organisations and NGOs to establish the infrastructurepolicy and procedures, systems, supply chain and clinical governance necessary to improve health outcomes and support societal objectives. We build, manage and staff medical treatment facilities while working to transfer knowledge and skills to local populations over time. We develop sustainable revenue models, broker future investments and ensure continual clinical oversight for the duration of our projects.

"The local community has adopted the facility as their own and spends a lot of time maintaining and improving the hospital. Patient numbers increased by 500% following the opening of this much-needed facility in Uganda.” Ged Healy, Director of Special Projects, Iqarus.


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We use our deep experience to build local capabilities and demonstrate social impact though health infrastructure and knowledge transfer. We ensure continual clinical oversight to ensure long-term sustainability.

Services include:

  • Planning, designing and building technology-enabled facilities that are uniquely positioned to suit the cultural and health care needs of local populations
  • Creating revenue generating models for facilities based on patient base and community dynamics
  • Equipping facilities with the latest medical equipment
  • Setting up seamless supply chains for the procurement of medical supplies and consumables
  • Establishing multi-disciplinary medical and support teams comprising international and local staff
  • Ensuring facilities are well-managed with staff that are trained to operate and maintain sophisticated medical equipment
  • Providing end-to-end occupational health, safety, occupational hygiene and environmental risk solutions
  • Transferring knowledge to permanent and local staff through Iqarus’s medical training and development programmes
  • Transferring best practice clinical and operating procedures through on-going quality control, oversight and medical governance
  • To ensure long-lasting impact, we work on the basis of a five-to-six-year model, which allows for short-term medical gains as well as long-term systemic change.

Current models of delivering health and medical care in complex and challenging environments are inefficient. They do not adequately account for the precise needs and priorities of the supported population, nor manage the physical, political and cultural dynamics effectively.

Iqarus believes that commercial organisations have a vital role to play in strengthening healthcare ecosystems in underserved markets. By aligning the needs of the population, their governments, and donors, we can make a targeted, material, and enduring impact.

We target the largest health and development returns from the smallest investments.