Whether building health infrastructure or managing existing health programmes, compliance is critical to reducing adverse patient outcomes and minimising financial risk.


Iqarus takes a partnership approach to building and maintaining the clinical governance structures that underpin quality service provision and ensure regulatory compliance. Our operations and clinical staff, together with dedicated relationship managers, muster and deploy the appropriate solutions, staff and interventions to meet these needs. This includes developing QA/QI programmes, putting in place medical governance, including the necessary medical protocols, SOPs, etc. and ensuring local regulatory requirements are met.

"This project was incredibly challenging for all stakeholders. Within the limited timeframe of 12 months we all had to work closely together, especially to coordinate the medical requirements of more than 28 nations and, of course, the build-up and operation of the hospital together with Iqarus, the selected contractor, and the sponsor-national, Luxembourg. This was an exceptional team effort to deliver key services which are critical to successful KFOR operations." NSPA.


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Iqarus maintains the highest standards of clinical governance to ensure clients are able to meet their Duty of Care obligations. Our approach to contractual compliance and standards ensures support to an organisation to help them meet: a) the goals of their mission, b) overall government compliance related to workforce duty of care, and c) local government operating requirements.

Services include:

Clinical governance

  • Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement
  • Medical protocols
  • PEST assessments
  • Health, Safety, Environment
  • Occupational Health (Fit-for-Duty)
  • Government standards


  • Policies
  • Procedures (SOPs)
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement
  • Medical protocols
  • Advisory boards
  • Improvements and recommendations
  • Certificate verification
  • Training and qualification