Iqarus to Showcase Benefits of Providing Medical Capability in Complex and Demanding Operating Environments in Africa

Nairobi, Kenya, 04 September 2018 - Iqarus, the leading provider of medical care and support in complex and demanding environments, is sending a delegation to Nairobi, Kenya, to participate in high-level discussions to support the stability agenda in Africa, and to reinforce the importance of providing high-quality medical care to enable local missions.

At the one-day International Stability Operations Association (ISOA) Africa Stability and Development Conference on 05 September 2018, Dr. Richard Wieser, Chief Medical Officer, Iqarus, will participate in a panel session entitled ‘Ground Truths and Doing Business in Africa’. Dr. Wieser will discuss the significance of healthcare prevention and medical intervention and how these translate into workforce safety, increased productivity and long-term cost savings for organisations working on the ground.

Dr. Wieser will share Iqarus’s deep experience of working in countries such as Mali, Somalia and South Sudan to highlight how the private sector is able to both directly and indirectly support multinationals, governments, supra-nationals and NGOs in Africa.

Iqarus will also attend the East African Humanitarian Conference, organised by the African Aid and Development Forum (AADF) on 06 and 07 September 2018, alongside humanitarian leaders, key senior officials and procurement experts from the UN, the Red Cross, International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) and Red Crescent, local and international non-governmental organisations, government ministers, and development banks.

“Both events will enable us to demonstrate how highly-specialised teams can enable local missions, help organisations build capacity, and support workplace wellbeing through a range of medical solutions and services”, explained Dr. Wieser.

“In delivering pre-deployment/employment physicals, MOD13s, access for workers to onsite healthcare, rapid mobilisation of damage control surgical facilities, medical evacuations, as well as preventative medicine initiatives such as routine vaccination programmes, we have helped both the private and public sectors succeed in meeting their organisational objectives”, he added.

Iqarus is currently delivering primary care and life-saving medical capability in Mali, Somalia and South Sudan. Experience includes damage control surgery for the Swedish Armed Forces in Mali; aeromedical evacuation capability for the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Mali; mobile damage control surgery for the EU Training Mission in Mali; the day-to-day running of a Role 2 damage control surgical facility for the EU Training Mission in Somalia; and implementation of a routine vaccination campaign for the World Food Programme in South Sudan.