Iqarus, a leading provider of intelligent and integrated healthcare for demanding and complex environments, has today announced an exclusive sponsorship agreement which will see the company support the world-famous Mongol Derby.

The gruelling Derby, which is the world's longest horse race, will take place on 6-18 August 2017. Iqarus will be providing frontline healthcare services as part of the deal.

The Derby is an endurance event which extends 1000 km through the Mongolian Steppe and recreates the horse messenger system developed by Chinggis Khaan in 1224.

The 2017 race will include 40 riders representing nine countries, who will travel through challenging terrain including mountain passes, open valleys, woodland, river crossings, wetland and floodplains, sandy semi-arid dunes, rolling hills, dry riverbeds and open steppe. Passing through different elevations, riders can face temperatures varying from -5°C at night to around 35°C during the day.

A team of one doctor and three medics, all with extensive experience in remote environment health provision, will be deployed by Iqarus to match pace with the riders and provide immediate emergency care in the field.

Riders’ healthcare challenges can range from the inevitable physical stress associated with 1000 km in the saddle, to acute illness associated with competing in arduous conditions, to potential life-threatening trauma associated with racing semi-wild horses across the remote wilderness.

Iqarus's specialist team will provide clinical advice to prepare the riders for the challenge ahead, and then keep pace with the racing field using a variety of 4x4 and specialist all-terrain vehicles, providing immediate stabilisation and life-saving care to any injured riders in the field.

Evacuation from the field, hospitalisation, and repatriation where required will be provided in association with Iqarus’ partners, International SOS, providing a seamless chain of care for any riders who may be injured.

Iqarus provides front-line healthcare services to oil and gas, mining, construction, governmental, and non-profit organisations operating in the Middle-East, North Sea, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Andrew Hames, chief commercial officer, Iqarus, said: "We are delighted to be supporting what is one of the most high-profile endurance events in the world. The Derby is an incredibly challenging event and our expertise in operating in remote and challenging environments means we are well prepared to offer support in all manner of scenarios.

Alex Stronge, director of Training and Development, Iqarus added: “We naturally wish that each rider is able to complete the challenge without any injury, however, given the conditions, we will be on hand to support and treat any individuals, giving them the comfort of knowing that help will never be far away.”