"Our environments are often affected by conflict and characterised by a lack of adequate medical infrastructure. In Kabul, we run three exceptional healthcare facilities and manage over 100 patients a day (both Afghans and expats). We provide regulatory medicals (i.e. US MOD 13), medical training, primary healthcare, emergency medical services and in-country and international ground and air medical evacuation care." Ewen McLay, Head of Government Services, Iqarus.


Iqarus has a long history of delivering remote medical and occupational health services in Afghanistan. Iqarus owns and operates three clinics in Kabul, that are all fully licensed by the Afghan Ministry of Public Health. All three clinics are established in secure locations – with relevant security validations from the US Embassy, United Nation’s Department of Safety and Security and NATO. The primary clinic is the only medical facility in Kabul to have the United States Centres for Disease Control (CDC) validation.

Iqarus manages over 100 patients a day (both Afghan and internationals) to provide regulatory medicals (including US MOD 13), primary healthcare, and emergent medical care. Iqarus also provides in-country ground and air medical evacuations, and international aeromedical evacuations through International SOS or other providers. In addition to its clinics, Iqarus provides deployed medical teams on a 24/7 basis across Afghanistan in direct support to clients operating in remote parts of the country.


Afghanistan faces many healthcare challenges, with organisations encountering specific healthcare challenges when deployed employees and expatriates are working in Afghanistan. These challenges include:

  • Underdeveloped or broken host nation health and medical infrastructure
  • Security and operating risks
  • Endemic health and medical risks
  • Conflict related health risks
  • Remote at the local level
  • Remote from points of definite care internationally
  • Complexity at the points of transition in the patient care pathway

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  • A diverse, dispersed and changing Population at Risk
  • Highly complex local licensing and import procedures
  • Complex supply chain issues
  • All set against national and organisational policies for duty of care and a backdrop of scarce resources.

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The initial medical focus of organisations who are mobilising operations in Afghanistan is emergency treatment in response to incidents. However, these make up a very small percentage of medical issues facing deployed staff. The majority of medical issues confronted by organisations operating in Afghanistan are predominately common primary care issues and regulatory medical examination requirements. To meet the medical and health requirements of organisations across Afghanistan, Iqarus has established three secure clinics providing services that include:

  • General medical care
  • Oral/general dental care
  • Coordination of MEDEVAC and Repatriation services
  • Fitness-to-Work tests and pre- deployment
  • House call / ambulance response preventive medicine
  • International standard (FDA) and quality controlled medical supplies
  • Telemedicine support to hub locations
  • In-country medical training and development programs.


With Iqarus’s robust and established medical footprint in strategically located sites across Kabul, it is able to provide accessible medical care to supported organisations 24/7.

Iqarus’s medical system in Afghanistan is able to drive down the health and medical risks to personnel deployed on the ground, wherever they are working. By reducing these risks, Iqarus creates greater freedom of opportunity and action for decision makers, as well as fulfilling irreducible duty of care and regulatory responsibilities.

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Iqarus also recognises that resources are scarce, and financial constraints and scrutiny are high. Therefore, its solutions to meet health and medical requirements are generated economically and delivered efficiently – with effective outcomes for deployed personnel defining the essential results. Iqarus’s clinics are recognised as the leading medical providers in Afghanistan and maintain direct billing relationships with a wide range of insurance providers.