We are committed to maintaining sustainable operations globally.

Our mission is to wrap an envelope of high-quality healthcare around clients’ projects; to build local capacity; and to maintain workforce wellbeing. To achieve our mission, we place responsible business practices at the heart of everything we do.

We focus on areas that are aligned with our strategic priorities and our core values. We are committed to going beyond compliance, to address our own competitor interests, while serving the wider community. We focus on areas that will ensure business continuity.

We align our efforts with global initiatives that have the ability to make the greatest impact. For example, we support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular:

  • Goal 3: Good Health and Wellbeing,
  • Goal 4: Quality Education, 
  • Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure.

Through our CSR activities, we hope to advance health and save lives. We support health-related initiatives that have the potential to positively impact the communities in which we operate. Both now and in the future.

"Leaving behind a positive legacy is central to what we do. Doing good is in our DNA." Tim Mitchell, CEO, Iqarus.

Whistle blowing

Iqarus recognises the importance of whistle blowing in the prevention and treatment of wrong doing. If you have suspicions of any unethical, immoral, improper or illegitimate activity, that may have occurred or could be occurring, within the organisation, you are encouraged to report your suspicions to: Whistleblower@Iqarus.com. All reports will be handled in the strictest of confidence. You do not need to have proof. You need only have suspicions that you reasonably believe to be true.

E-mails directed to Whistleblower@Iqarus.com are received simultaneously by all members of the Ethics Committee, who have a collective responsibility to deal with your concerns where reports are submitted in good faith. If you have questions about speaking-out, or the whistle-blowing mechanism you can request further advice from the Ethics Committee, through Whistleblower@Iqarus.com even before you make an actual report.    

Anti-Slavery And Human Trafficking Statement

Iqarus is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards, and to maintaining a working environment where all stakeholders share those ethical standards. This includes upholding our policies and processes to avoid any potential complicity in human rights violations related to our operations or supply chain. For our full statement on Anti-slavery please click here.