Iqarus’ approach to projects is to provide the highest standards of clinical care in the environments in which we operate, through a combination of local knowledge, multinational medical staff, integrated global clinical governance, training and medical supply.

We operate across the medical spectrum from primary care and occupational health, to advanced pre-hospital trauma care, through to full scale laboratory, imaging, diagnostic and surgical capabilities. Alongside this sits our allied health professions with rehabilitative, therapeutic and resilience capabilities.

Our Vision

To be the recognised world leader for intelligent and integrated healthcare in complex and demanding operating environments.

Our Mission

To wrap an envelope of high-quality healthcare around our clients’ projects; to build local capacity; and to maintain workforce wellbeing.

Our Purpose

the approach
We provide clients with a fully-integrated medical solution, whatever the need and wherever the location.

Our Approach

Iqarus’ approach centres on the principles of integrity, innovation, intelligence and implementation:

Integrity: for 40 years the oil and gas industry has been relying on us to provide highly skilled medical and healthcare professionals across the world. We never forget that integrity, responsibility and accountability are at the very core of our relationships with patients, clients, suppliers and staff.

Innovation: we constantly seek to evolve and adapt our services to the unique and changing needs of our clients. We are committed to being the industry leader in developing and deploying technology-enabled solutions to enable efficient, effective health management.

Intelligence: in both senses of the word, intelligence is at the heart of everything we do. We expect our staff to apply insight and creativity in understanding our client’s needs and in developing focused, effective solutions. We also believe that the collection and insightful, proactive analysis of health data is an essential element in delivering value.

Implementation: we take excellent care of our clients, and closely manage the medical solutions that we deliver. We have the experience and knowledge to reliably deliver our services in the most challenging physical and business environments in the world.

Company History

Iqarus has a long history of delivering effective medical and occupational health services in complex and demanding operating environments. By complex and demanding, we acknowledge that our environments span extremes. On the one hand, they can be extremely difficult to reach, contain sophisticated operations, or be subject to complex rules and regulation. On the other hand, they may have been affected by conflict, pose a high security risk, or be characterised by a lack of adequate social or health infrastructure.

Iqarus leverages the legacy and institutional knowledge of prior operations, organisations, and entities to deliver in this context. Our teams have a deep understanding of these environments and they are well-versed in operating within them. For example, we are currently delivering, or have successfully delivered in the past, medical solutions in Afghanistan, Algeria, Borneo, Haiti, Iraq, Kosovo, Mali, Pakistan, Somalia and Puntland, South Sudan, Tunisia and the UK.

Company Timeline

The Power of Partnership

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Iqarus, in Association with International SOS, is the dedicated and specialized lead for the delivery of high-quality medical support to national governments and their selected implementation partners, Supra-nationals, Non-Government Organizations and militaries operating in complex and demanding environments around the world.

The medical and operational combination of both companies enables Iqarus to provide the full suite of healthcare and occupational health services, provides greater resilience and enhances overall service quality, efficiency and capability.

Specifically, Iqarus is the International SOS Group's dedicated and specialised lead for delivery of high-quality medical support to governments and their selected implementation partners, supranationals, NOCs, IOCs, non-government organisations and militaries operating in remote and challenging environments around the world. Iqarus works with clients to design bespoke solutions to address their unique operating needs. We provide pre-deployment services, in-country medical capability and bespoke compliance consulting, as well as solution design.

Our in-country solutions include both clinic-based and remote site services including pre-hospital emergency response, primary health and dental services, trauma management, deployment of medical capability to remote areas, provision of equipment and supplies, development of medical emergency response plans. From a compliance perspective, we provide operational oversight, we manage medical compliance, we manage safety, health and wellbeing, as provide occupational health services.

In partnership with International SOS, Iqarus is also the dedicated lead for Safety, Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Risk (SOHER) solutions and services, as well as the specialised lead for Training and Development. Both offerings are delivered internationally.

International SOS provides international evacuation through its integrated air ambulance solutions, hospital admission-ground ambulance services, as well as arranging all logistics including visas. International SOS also enables our operational teams to provide out-of-country care, thus ensuring seamless, end-to-end oversight. It has pro-active relationships with global insurers and integrates GOP and on-going case management processes.