Over 30,000 medicals conducted and over 3,500 topside and diving calls responded to in one year


In both senses of the word, intelligence is at the heart of everything we do. We expect our staff to apply insight and creativity in understanding our client's needs and in developing focused, effective solutions. We also believe that the collection and insightful, proactive analysis of health data is an essential element in delivering value.


We take excellent care of our clients, and closely manage the medical solutions that we deliver. We have the experience and knowledge to reliably deliver our services in the most challenging physical and business environments in the world.


For 40 years the oil and gas industry has been relying on us to provide highly skilled medical and healthcare professionals across the world. We never forget that integrity, responsibility, and accountability are at the very core of our relationships with patients, clients, suppliers and staff.


We constantly seek to evolve and adapt our services to the unique and changing needs of our clients. We are committed to being the industry leader in developing and deploying technology enabled solutions to enable more efficient, effective health management.