Through the course of our history, we have developed, evolved and implemented innovative and intelligent solutions to ensure we remain a leading energy sector healthcare provider.

A 40-year pioneering history

Company Overview

For over 40 years, we have been pioneers in the field of offshore medical support and occupational health. Working closely with our clients, we help to ensure that your workforce is healthy, productive and safe even in the most challenging operating environments.

Our foundations and extensive experience in the North Sea have given us great insight into the specific needs of offshore communities. Building on this far-reaching knowledge, we are continually developing and evolving our solutions to meet the changing needs and challenges of our clients.

We understand that in this ever-changing world the need to invest in original technology is vital. Through intelligence and innovation, we are helping our clients to centralise their data gathering, standardise their medical support and provide global support whilst reducing operational risk and improving cost efficiencies.

Meet the team

Our leadership team have over 100 years combined experience